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Fur Family Fine Art Portraits

We understand the value of creating a family portrait that includes all loved members of a household. The life of a dog is so finite compared to what we would wish for them. They bring companionship, love, warmth, and delight to so many of us. Although we cannot hold them in our arms forever, we can hold the memory of them in our hearts forever. During your Fur Family portrait session, we will capture these moments of joy to preserve them in time.
From the session, our staff will assist you with selecting images that will speak to your heart. Our offerings for purchase include a stunning portrait to adorn your home and luxurious coffee table albums encasing your favorite images.  

Our Fur Family portrait sessions are available 



Sessions fill quickly. Sessions are created in our studio located in the heart of Winston-Salem off or Stratford Road. Following the session, portrait offerings will be viewed and selected in our studio.

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