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Why Our Studio is Set Apart

We are Master Printmakers, experts in the art of creating lasting memories for discerning families. We believe strongly in the power of the printed portrait. We also feel every family should proudly own a portrait that shows the profound love that they share within their family. Our pieces are designed to be legacies, handed down from one generation to the next as a reminder of the heritage that bonds a family together. 

The elegant pieces are only a portion of the world class experience we deliver. Our team will hold your hand as they escort you through the portrait process and share their expertise with you. The experience you will enjoy is second to none.

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Why Oh, Goodness Fine Portraits?

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Studio Fine Art Portraits

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Fine Art Portraits
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Fine Art Portraits
Fine Art Portraits
Fine Art Portraits
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The Santa Experience 
and Fine Art Portraits

Giving Back

As a resident of Winston-Salem for over 30 years and a business owner in the community for more than 12 years, Tanya Odom feels incredibly blessed to be part of the vibrant and generous community of Winston-Salem. She is known for her support of non-profit organizations in the area by generously donating to silent auction events and giving of her time to partner with non-profits who need her expertise to further their mission. Her involvement with the Reynolda Rotary allows her to volunteer beyond her business with her time. Nothing brings her and her team more joy than always looking for new ways to give back.


Specifically, her commitment to autism research has resulted in her support and volunteerism with ABC of NC as their primary resource for photography and portrait needs.


She is also an animal lover and created the Dog's of Winston-Salem book project which benefits Stepping Stones Canine Rescue. The first volume raised over $15,000 for Stepping Stones and their mission to help find forever homes for dogs in the Winston-Salem area. Volume II will be printed in late 2019. 

As an active supporter of the SECU Family House, Oh, Goodness helps to sponsor the Family House's biggest fundraiser of the year, Men Who Cook. The work of the SECU Family House is vital to the families of many who come to the Winston-Salem area for treatment at our world-renowned medical centers.


Your Portrait Experience

We Help to Make it Easy


Allow us to get to know you.  We start with a phone call or a studio consultation.
Then we share our knowledge...we even help 

you with clothing, because we know that's the hardest thing for mom!


Once we've helped with the basics, prepare to enjoy the portrait creation with Tanya. This won't be your childhood portrait nightmare! You will actually have fun. Often the session becomes a wonderful family memory!

Perhaps the most enjoyable part of the portrait process is seeing the images from the session. With our team of experts guiding you, finding exactly the perfect look has never been easier. 



Every day as you pass your beautiful artwork, you will be filled with joy and recall just how much you love your family. In addition, your portrait will add a beautiful 

element of decor to your home. 


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